Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie recipe

Peach smoothie


2 peaches

1 orange

2 basil leaves

Peach smoothie


* Wash and peel peaches and orange.

* Put the pealed peaches and orange in blender and blend for 2-3 minutes.

* Add two basil leaves and serve the resulting smoothie.

Enjoy while drinking it and reading this poem:

Peach smoothie


I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations

Allen Ginsberg


I constantly bless

I bless

Everything around me.



Count my hours

While I transpose them from memory)


I bless the night

I bless the day.


Freeze in my hands

While I interpret the starry array)


I bless in spring

I bless in summer

I bless in autumn

I bless in winter.

I bless out of time

I bless out of space.

The Universe is my blessing.


(“Last try”, said God

Or Ted Huges

In the raven`s Lesson one)


I am Blessing Absolute.


I proclaim: Book of Freedom.    Vele Smilevski  “The forbidden book”     Struga poetry evenings

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