11 facts why it is good to eat chestnut

Here in Macedonia, now it’s chestnut time. They are my favorite healthy food in this time of year. Here’s why:

chesnut tree - one hundred year old

11  facts why it is good to eat chestnut

1. Chestnut is rich in vitamins A and C which are not lost in the process of  boiling because of the thick crust of the chestnut.

2. Chestnut is ideal for losing weight because of the low level of fat it has. It contains mono-unsaturated fats such as oleic and palmitic acid. Mono-unsaturated fats protect the cardiovascular system.

chestnut flowers3. Chestnut contains folic acid, particularly vitamin B9 which is not contained in the other nuts and it is credited with the formation of red blood cells and the synthesis of DNA. It is good for normal functioning of the nervous system also.

4. Chestnut helps in reducing cholesterol level in the blood. 85-100gr.chestnuts is quite enough to eat, to satisfy the daily needs for minerals and vitamins of the organism.

5. Chestnut has double the amount of potato starch.

6. Does not contain gluten, so it is good for those who are sensitive to gluten and allergic to wheat.

7. By consuming chestnuts, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium enter our body which are important for bones and teeth, and potassium which is good for balancing blood pressure.

8. Chestnut contains minerals  like iron, sulfur, chlorine, manganese and copper.

chesnut fruit

9. Because of its high energy value, chestnuts are recommended to children, athletes, pregnant women and the elderly.

10. Helps in digestion and kidney upsets and can be used to remove the excess of water from the organism.

11. Acts anti – inflammatory and therefore its use is ideal for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

* Tame chestnut lat.Castanea sativa is one of the first fruits ever eaten by man, and it is most abundant in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Boiled chestnuts

* Chestnut tree is similar to that of oak and beech. It is very appreciated and of a great quality and can live 500 years. The oldest chestnut tree called “One Hundred Horses”, is located on Mount Etna in Sicily, and it is believed to be 2000 – 4000 years old. In the past people ate chestnuts baked or boiled and from ground chestnuts they made a beverage that was served as a substitute for coffee. Today, we ate them fried, candied, in the form of  paste or in the form of flour from which baked goods and various sweets are made.

* Boiled chestnut purifies the blood and helps in removing excess of urea, and therefore it is recommended to people suffering from gout and rheumatism.

* Chestnut tea relieves asthma and coughing.

* Chestnut has a positive effect on veins and is recommended for those who have varicose veins.


* The honey from chestnut, which is healthy food, stimulates circulation, protects the liver, helps in gastritis, anemia and physical and intellectual exhaustion.

* The fruit and crust of the horse chestnut because of their calming effects are used in alternative medicine, particularly in the composition of many cosmetic preparations for hair and facial care.

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