13 properties of leek which are beneficial for the human body

Leek – friend of the human body


Leek is from the same family of vegetables as the garlic and the onion, only its taste and smell are milder, while its nutritional composition is the same as the nutritional composition of garlic and onion.

13 properties of leek which are beneficial for the human body

1.Leek contains more protein than the garlic and onion.

2.Beta carotene.

3.Vitamin C, which is mostly contained in the green leaves of the leek.

4.It is rich in minerals: manganese, folic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium.

5.It is low calorie.

6.It has an antibiotic effect, the presence of the allicin active antibiotic substance puts leek on the list of natural antibiotics.


7.The use of leek in the diet, contributes to lowering of the blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in the blood. Leek is a natural preventive medicine for cardiovascular diseases.

8.Strengthens the immune system and helps with colds and infections.

9.Leek is rich in essential oils which increase the secretion of digestive juices and thus improve digestion.

10.Leek is listed among natural diuretics because it contains a lot of potassium (300mg. potassium in 100gr. leek) and little sodium. It increases the secretion of liquids and toxic substances through the kidneys. Leek is often recommended to people with cardiovascular and kidney diseases, to reduce swellings. Because of this characteristic of his, leek is a natural “cleaner” of toxins.


11.It contains vitamin E and carotene, which are important for healthy, elastic and gentle skin.

12.Leek contains possible antioxidants which protect the organism from the negative influence of the free radicals, which can cause development of many chronic diseases, including cancer.

13.Contains little fat and sugar, and a lot of cellulose which causes feeling of satiety, and thus it is ideal for maintaining a normal body weight during the winter.

* Long cooking impairs the vitamin – mineral composition of leek. That is why leek should be consumed fresh, as a salad, or in salad, or it can be steamed shortly, to soften.


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