What is macrobiotics ?

What is macrobiotics?


* Macrobiotics is a creative cooking.

* It is an intuitive cooking.

* It is supreme art, harmony.

* We should cook with love and pleasure, turning the act of cooking into    meditation. It is actually a meditation.


*  Only when in a positive mood while cooking, can we put in a healing power throughout the meal. If we’re not in the mood for cooking, it is better not to cook at all.

* All dishes we will cooked with negative energy, adversely affect us.

* Especially if we prepare gomasio (sesame salt) with negatve energy, we should not eat it, because  gomasio is prepared to be consumed during the whole week, so we will apsorb that energy and we will feel bad every day of the week.

*In macrobiotics are used 50% cereals, 25% / 30% vegetables and 15% / 20% legumes.

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Macrobiotics, food for longevity


Healing umeboshi plum

* Umeboshi  plum is a very healthful dietary supplement. Most popular in Japan. It is a plum that has fermented with salt and shiso spice, so it has a prominent salty and sour taste.

Umeboshi plum tree

* Umeboshi plum is rich in minerals and protein. Contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus-more than any other fruit.

*Contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin. Has antiseptic and antibiotic effect. Contains a large amount of citric acid, which is of a higher quality and a higher percentage of vitamin C from the citric acid which is found in the mere lemon.

*Citric acid cleans the liver from fat, contributes to a proper operation of the very same, and thus  detoxifies the body and cleanse it of artificial chemical substances.

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