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*Mandarin is a winter seasonal fruit with strong and sweet smell and sour and sweet taste.

*This fruit has a thin crust which is easy to peel, and on the inside it is divided into pieces. You can eat it fresh or juice can be made of it.

*Its season is from November until April, depending on the location and the type of agriculture.

*It grows in North Africa, along the Mediterranean, China, Japan, Brazil and America.

*It originates from South Asia, and got its name from the bright orange color of the mandarins – ancient Chinese public officials, because it was available only to the privileged class.

*Although China has grown mandarins over 3000 years, yet in Europe and North America arrived in 19th century.

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All you need to know about Japanese apple – persimmon

Japanese apple – persimmon

*Japanese Apple – Fuyu persimmon is a national Japanese fruit. Commonly called japanese or oriental persimon.

japanese apples

*This fruit originated in China, the Japanese adopted, grown and made it  popular.

*The fruits of Japanese apples or persimonot are eaten when they are fully ripe, because then they have a sweet and refreshing taste.

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Procedure for the preparation of kombucha beverage

Procedure for the preparation of kombucha beverage

*We need green tea, black tea or other herbal tea. Add two teaspoons of tea on one liter freshly boiled water.

kombucha tea

*Add 70 or 100 gr. white or brown sugar on one liter hot tea. The fungus can not survive without sugar.

*Cool the tea to reach the temperature of 20degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius, because the fungus may die at high temperatures.

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