5 spices with antioxidant power (part 1)

5       spices with antioxidant power  (part 1)

*In the past, spices were the privilege of the rich. They paid with silk and gold for these aromatic herbs.

5 spices

*Over time, these herbs became available to everyone, thus some of them became the trademark of national cuisines. Spices began to make national and regional cuisines recognizable.

*Many of the spices contain high level of antioxidants which help neutralize the bad effects from free radicals.

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12 helpers for regeneration and longevity of the organism

The secret of longevity hidden in the fruit of the gourd

gourds*Mankind got familiar with gourd very long time ago.

*Indians used gourd to put up with long and cold winter.
*In Europe, Columbus is supposed to have brought it.
*At firs it was used as food for the cattle, but later, after realizing its nutritional value and its sweet taste, people put it in their own diet too.
*Over time gourd has become the symbol of regeneration and longevity.

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