3 ways of steam cooking

Steam cookware

    1. Steam cooking utensils from stainless steel are long lasting and easy to maintain.Stainless-Steel-Steamer-Cookware

  1. Electrical appliance for steam cooking in which cooking takes place in several levels.Food steamer
  2. Steam cooking accessory made of stainless steel.  This accessory can be put on pots which you already use. It is easy to maintain clean.steamer
  3. Steam cooking pot made of natural material – bamboo. Allows cooking in several levels and can be put on wok.Bamboo steam cookwear

Ways of steam cooking

1. Classic steam cooking

*Classic steam cooking is very simple. After you wash what you want to prepare, put it on the rack, net, or on the steam cooking accessory set on the pot in which water boils.

2. Steam cooking in food’s own juice

*We wrap the food in a baking paper, bamboo leaf (Chinese way) or banana leaf (Indian way) and we put it over a bowl in which water boils. The food will be steam cooked in its own juice. This way of cooking is good for recopies which include marinating.

3. Steam cooking of cereals

This way you can prepare rice and other cereals.

*Fry the rice shortly, then add the boiling water. Add pinch of salt, close it with a lid and cook it over low heat for 10 – 15 minutes, until rice has absorbed all the liquid, and leave it to soak for about 20 – 30 minutes.

Important: During the cooking do not lift the lid of the pot and do not stir the rice.

*Steam cooking depends on what kind of cookware you have chosen. If you bought an electric steam cooking appliance, you will follow the producer’s instructions.

*If you steam cook in cookware made of stainless steel, or made of bamboo in several levels, you can do as follows:

*Clean the vegetables and cut it into small pieces.

*Distribute the vegetables in the sieve for steam cooking according to their strength, so that at the bottom of the sieve put the stronger – root vegetables (carrots, celery) and in the upper part put the softer ones (broccoli, cauliflower).

*In the pot or in the wok put some water and wait for it to boil.

*Place the sieve over the boiling water in the wok and close it with a lid of bamboo.

*In order not to overcook vegetables, respect the time of preparation. Vegetables with firm fruits acquire more time to cook and the ones with softer fruits acquire less time.

*Time of preparation of vegetables is different and depends on the fruit, but you will specify it yourself.

If you have not steam cooked before, this might use you.

Time of preparation of steam cooked vegetables

*Tomato – 3 minutes.

*Green leafy vegetables, peppers and mushrooms – 5 minutes.

*Flowers of broccoli, eggplant chopped into cubes and zucchini – 6 minutes.

*Carrots, celery, parsnips – 7 minutes.

*Cut cabbage – 8 minutes.

*Flowers of cauliflower, peas and beans – 10 minutes.

*Kale and potato cut on cubes – 12 minutes.

*Full onion – 20 minutes.



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