6 benefits of steam cooking

6 benefits of steam cooking

steam vegetables

It is known that steam cooking is a healthy and one of the best ways of preparing food.

* Steam cooking is a way of cooking which is used thousands of years.
* This way of cooking was used by the Chinese, Indians, Africans and it is now used everywhere in the world.

* Steam cooking is not only one of the healthiest methods of preparing food, but it is also a special way of preparing it which allows the steamed products to keep their shape, color, taste and juice.

Steam cooking….

1. Keeps the structure of the food which is prepared

Steam cooking puts away your worries that the vegetables you are preparing will turn into a mash or puree. Many types of vegetables are quickly cooked and lose its shape.

steamed vegetables

* Unlike other ways of preparing food, steam cooking does not destroy the structure of the food prepared or its original taste.

2.  Retains vitamins and minerals

During the steam cooking the loss of vitamins and minerals is minimal.

steamed vegetables

* Take for example broccoli, when steamed, it retains 81% vitamin C, and when cooked in water, only 30%. When steamed, broccoli loses only 11% flavonoids, when cooked in water – 66%, and in microwave it loses 97%.



* Therefore, if you want to eat healthy food, rich in natural vitamins and minerals, steam it or eat it raw.

3.  Retains taste, color and juice of food

Steam cooking retains the original color, taste, the juice and the freshness of food and you can add spices in the water used for steam cooking and thus give the food special taste.

4.  Cook almost everything

steam vegetables

Steam cooking is not used for cooking vegetables only, as we usually think. Almost everything can be cooked by steam cooking.

* In spite of fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes can also be cooked by steam cooking.

5. Does not require oil

steam vegetables

Steam cooking does not require oil and therefore we get a completely healthy meal.

* Certainly, if we want to, we can add a several tablespoons of olive or linseed oil before serving the meal cooked by steaming.




6. Saves energy

steam vegetables

By steam cooking we can prepare food on several levels at the same time, saving energy.


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