7 healing celery characteristics

7 healing celery characteristics

Celery is not only a plant that is a part of healthy food, but is a very healing plant too. Regular use of celery in nutrition can fully remove certain health problems. These are the seven healing characteristics:

celery roots1. Arthritis

Celery contains high levels of sodium which makes it very useful in treating arthritis. Sodium prevents arthritis to make progress and abates pains caused by this disorder. If we use celery as a fresh juice from its root, leaves and stem we’ll make the best results of it.

2. Nerve problems

Regular use of celery juice in combination of carrot juice can heal some of the nerve problems, makes you feel relaxed and it can help with anxiety, neurosis or insomnia.

3. Blood diseases

Celery is a plant rich with magnesium and iron and that combination is very important for the blood cells health. Celery juice in combination with carrot juice is excellent for healing many blood diseases. The use of celery juice cleans the blood, reduces blood sugar, improves circulation and reduces high blood pressure.

celery stalk

4. Respiratory system ailments

Celery is an excellent natural cure for cough relief and helps with sore throat; what’s more important it is further used for treating pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma.

5. Bad food digestion

Celery seed is an efficient cure for food digestion in stomach. Mix one spoon of celery seed with one glass of yoghurt or butter milk and leave it for 5-6 hours.


celery leafs


6. Kidneys and calculus

Regular use of celery prevents calculus. Celery improves kidneys’ work and urinary excretion and helps with bladder and urinary system inflammation.


7. Weakness

Dried celery root powder is used against weakness and malnutrition.


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