9 acquisitions from eating sunflower seeds

9 acquisitions from eating sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are characterized as healthy food and they belong to the healthy snacks. Their taste is favorable for the whole organism because they contain a lot of nutritive and useful ingredients.


1. Sunflower seeds prevent cholesterol enlargement in blood.

2. They provide pregnant woman’s organism with unsaturated fatty acids, which are highly important for embryo’s development.

3. They improve thyroid gland’s work.

4. The use of sunflower seeds positively affects kidneys.

5. Eating sunflower seeds helps liver’s work.

sunflower seeds

6. Sunflower seeds have antioxidant characteristic as well.

7. Among other substances, sunflower contains inulin as well, which helps against sore throat, hoarseness, bronchitis and lungs inflammation and other bronchia and lungs infections.

8. Vitamin E found in sunflower oil is a very good protection for the blood veins.

sunflower seeds9. The use of sunflower seeds helps to maintain skin moisture and prevent drying, improves its elasticity and firmness, because they are rich with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids of the sunflower improve skin texture and smoothens wrinkles.

* A survey showed that people’s skin, who ate only 2 grams of sunflower seeds for four weeks, significantly improved, acne scars were gone as well as other skin problems (smears and other skin irritations), the skin became more elastic and softer, and its youthfulness was back again.


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