Arame algae goulash for maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair

  Arame algae goulash for maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair

Arame algae goulash


 30ml. cold pressed sesame oil

1 kilo onion

1 handful of arame algae

½ tea spoon of sea or Himalayan salt Himalayan

½ cup fresh chopped parsley

shoju – soya sauce



*Put some cold pressed sesame oil on the bottom of a pot .

*Cut the onions into crеscents and put them in a pot.

*Add half a teaspoon of  salt and stew  until they change color.

*Then put the arame algae over the onions.

*Don’t soak arame algae; just wash them with water and use them for cooking.

*Put a handful of arame algae in a colander and wash them with hot water just enough for the algae to get wet.

*After that pour water in the pot to cover the onions and  cover it with a lid.

* Leave it to stew for 40 minutes.

*Ten minutes before its ready, add the chopped parsley and the soya sauce and  mix it well.

*Arame algae are rich in protein, fat, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, and are particularly rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and iron. It is good to use them.

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