Aurora`s pindzur – healthy and delicious appetizer made from organically grown vegetables

Aurora`s pindzur recipe

Aurora pindzur


3 tomatoes

1 eggplant

5 green peppers

4 pinches of sea salt

2 tablespoons cold pressed oil

2-3 cloves of garlic

Aurora pindzur


* Wash the tomatoes, eggplant and green peppers.

* Place them in the oven to bake.

* Peel the baked vegetables and grind  them  in a machine.

* Place the resulting mixture into a bowl and add cold pressed oil, 4 pinches of sea salt and grated garlic.

Aurora pindzur

If you visit Aurora Resort and Spa in Berovo and if you order pindzur, the chefs  Snezana & Suzana will  prepare this dish from organically grown vegetables and will serve it in the baked crust as it is shown on this photos, but you can decorate it as you wish.

Enjoy the taste :)

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