Aurora’s simple vegan salad

Aurora – healthy vegan salad

Aurora - simple vegan salad

Ingredients for the dough





Preparation of bread in which you put the salad

Knead the flour with water and yeast it. Add salt if you want.

Form a crust and place it in the mold then bake it and when its baked  let the crust  cool.

Aurora - simple vegan salad

Ingredients for Aurora vegan salad

1 tomato

1/2 onion head

1 green pepper

2 pinches of sea salt

1 tablespoon cold pressed oil

Prepare salad

* Wash and chop the tomato ,onion and peppers. Add 2 pinches sea salt and one tablespoon cold pressed oil. Mix all ingredients.

Aurora - simple vegan salad


* Place the salad in the baked dough and decorate it as you wish and as they say in Aurora resort & spa –  Enjoy your Heaven! :)

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