Barley Soup – excellent choice for dinner

Barley Soup –  excellent choice for dinner

Barley soup

Ingredients for 4 people


2 onion heads

4 rounds parsnips

4 rounds celery root

3 carrots

½ cup of orange lentils

½ cup of barley


pinch of turmeric

1 round finely chopped ginger

3 pinches of  Himalayan salt

finely chopped parsley

Barley soup  


Wash and clean all ingredients before you cook them .

* This soup is cooked in layers .

* First layer – onions .  Cut  the onions into cubes and place them in the pot .

* Second layer – parsnips and celery root. Cut the parsnips and celery root into cubes and place them in a pot on the onions.

* Third layer – carrots. Cut the carrots into cubes and place them in the pot  on the parsnips and celery .

* Fourth layer – orange lentils. Clean and wash the orange lentils and put them on the carrots.

* Fifth layer – barley. Clean and wash the barley and put it  in the pot on the orange lentils .

* Pour water to cover the barley and leave it to boil for 40-60 minutes on low heat .

Barley soup

10 minutes before it is ready  add a little turmeric , finely chopped ginger, salt and finely chopped parsley .

Eat well, sleep well. :)

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