Basic miso soup

Basic miso soup  for  1 person


miso soup 1

– 1 a cup of water

– 1 a pinch of salt

– 2.5 cm. wakame  algae

– 3-4 slices of onion (purple and white mixed or just one type)

– 2 slices of carrot for one portion of soup

* This is the basis for each miso soup

* Once the base for the soup boils, carrot and cauliflower or broccoli is added and they boil for 15 minutes from the moment we added the vegetables.

miso soup 4

* We leave algae to infuse in water, then we remove it from the water and cut it into pieces, after which, we put it into boiling water for 1 minute. A portion is measured after it starts to boil.

* Put 3-4 slices of onion. (purple and white onion can be mixed).

* After we have done all this, we can add different kinds of vegetables in the soup.

* Vegetables are cut from right to left at an angle of 45 degrees.Along the vegetable there are meridians and if we cut at right angles, the vegetable loses its energy. When we cut the vegetable at an angle of 45 degrees even at the very cutting we keep the energy balance.

miso soup5

* Ball vegetables have round meridians.

* Always respect the structure of the vegetable, cauliflower and broccoli for example should be torn in small bouquets.

* At the end curcuma is added, and in winter half a tablespoon of cornstarch can be added.

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