Best quality cookwares for food storage and cooking

Best quality cookwares for food storage and cooking

 *Quality cookwares improve the taste of food and help us maintain our health.

*In the chemical laboratories, where the material of the tube must not affect the results of the experiment, ceramic tubes and glass tubes are used only. Glass and ceramics are inert and non -reactive.

*When we buy containers for kitchen use, it is good to take into consideration their reactivity and the reactivity of the kitchen utensils and buy inert and non-reactive ones.

Inert and non-reactive cookwares are  excellent choice

1. Enameled cookwares

Enameled potEnamel is actually glass which is “glued” to a metal through a technological procedure. There are several brands which produce high quality enameled pots.

The only disadvantage of high quality enameled cookwares is that they are very expensive. If kept well, they will last for years, unlike low quality enameled cookwares, which crack easily because they have very thin layer of enamel. When enamel cracks , it will soon find a way to your food and the metal beneath the enamel layer will have a reaction with the food. Therefore, it is better for us to buy more expensive, high quality enameled cookwares.


glass cookwareGlass cookwares and fire – resistant cookware for baking are inert, and their price is affordable for buyers.

Glass cookwares are recommended as a healthy choice and should definitely have their place in your kitchen.


3.Clay and ceramic cookwares

clay oval

Clay and ceramic cookwares are inert. In spite of that, they emit far – infrared heat, the best and the healthiest heat for preparing food, which also gives dishes a full range of refined taste.

Such cookwares are usually used for baking or long cooking of food. Clay and ceramic cookwares are very beautiful but also very fragile. Thus, you have to be very careful when using them.


Silicone cookwares are listed among the inert cookwares and can be used at temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius. If this temperature is exceeded, the silicon will start to melt but will not discharge toxic vapor.

silicone pots

Silicon is one of the non – reactive separated materials. It is a synthetic rubber which is nowadays used for making frying pans, forms for muffins, cooking blades, etc.

Silicone cookwares are resistant to temperature up to 220 degrees Celsius, they are flexible, easily cleaned, and can be taken out from the oven or furnace and put directly into a refrigerator or a freezer.

5. Bamboo 

bamboo chopsticks

Blenders for cooking and eating sticks made of bamboo, or any other type of tree are non – reactive, healthy and have an affordable price, which is very important for the buyer.


baking paper

Paper can sometimes be beneficial for us. We can cover aluminum baking forms and teflon pans with baking paper and that way neutralize their reactivity. Instead of plastic bags, we can use paper for food storage.



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