Brown rice tea has especially beneficial act against chronic headache

How to make brown rice tea

Rice tea




1 cup of  brown (integral)rice

10-12 cups of water

A pinch of sea salt

A drop of tamari sauce





* Wash the rice with cold water.

Washing rice









* Constantly stirring and frying  in the pan, until the rice get golden color.










* Add 10-12 cups water 1 cup rice.

Water in a pot









* Once you boil, let it boil over low heat for 15-30 minutes.

* Add a pinch of sea salt while cooking.
A pinch of sea salt









* Strain tea through gauze and well press the liquid.

Pressing through the gauze









* You can add the remaining rice  to other foods like soup.

Pressing through the gauze









* Before serving tea , add a drop of tamari sauce in a cup with tea.

The use of the rice tea

* This tea is good for babies who have a high temperature, but in this  case does not put salt nor drop of tamari sauce in tea.

* Rice tea is great for any adult, especially in the summer because it normalize body temperature.

* Can be used for all kinds of diseases. It has especially beneficial act against constipation, diarrhea or chronic headache.

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