Brussels sprout soup

Brussels sprout soup recipe

Brussels sprouts soup

Ingredients for 4 people

20 pieces of Brussels sprouts

1 piece of leek

1 carrot

3 pinches of sea or Himalayan salt

2 tablespoons unrefined oil of your choice

(not necessary)

700 ml . water

Brussels sprouts soup


* Put 2 tablespoons oil of your choice in the pot .

* Clean the leek and cut it into crescents . Then place it in the pot .

* Clean the carrots , cut into quarters and place it in a pot on the leek crescents.

* Clean the Brussels sprouts pieces and place them in a pot on the carrot .

* Add 700 ml . water and allow to boil for 5-7 minutes .

*3 minutes before it is cooked, add the salt .

Brussels sprouts soup

*Because of the abundance of anti-cancer substances, Brussels sprout is considered as  a “natural fighter” against cancer. It strengthens the natural defense mechanism of the body and prevents the growth and development of tumors in patients already diagnosed with cancer.

*Many studies have shown that  Brussels sprout is particularly useful in preventing the occurrence of cancer, because it contains chemicals that act successfully against this disease. It is believed that consumption of Brussels sprouts efficiently prevents colon cancer.

Enjoy the taste of the soup and be aware that these foods improve your health.



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