12 helpers for regeneration and longevity of the organism

The secret of longevity hidden in the fruit of the gourd

gourds*Mankind got familiar with gourd very long time ago.

*Indians used gourd to put up with long and cold winter.
*In Europe, Columbus is supposed to have brought it.
*At firs it was used as food for the cattle, but later, after realizing its nutritional value and its sweet taste, people put it in their own diet too.
*Over time gourd has become the symbol of regeneration and longevity.

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Ideal food for slender figure



*Mandarin is a winter seasonal fruit with strong and sweet smell and sour and sweet taste.

*This fruit has a thin crust which is easy to peel, and on the inside it is divided into pieces. You can eat it fresh or juice can be made of it.

*Its season is from November until April, depending on the location and the type of agriculture.

*It grows in North Africa, along the Mediterranean, China, Japan, Brazil and America.

*It originates from South Asia, and got its name from the bright orange color of the mandarins – ancient Chinese public officials, because it was available only to the privileged class.

*Although China has grown mandarins over 3000 years, yet in Europe and North America arrived in 19th century.

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All you need to know about Japanese apple – persimmon

Japanese apple – persimmon

*Japanese Apple – Fuyu persimmon is a national Japanese fruit. Commonly called japanese or oriental persimon.

japanese apples

*This fruit originated in China, the Japanese adopted, grown and made it  popular.

*The fruits of Japanese apples or persimonot are eaten when they are fully ripe, because then they have a sweet and refreshing taste.

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10 benefits of the juice of pomegranate


 This time period in my country we enrich the  food with grains of pomegranate. We use them in sweet and salty food, and that way we turn our meal into healthy food.

pomegranate trees

Humanity became familiar with the pomegranate very long time ago.

*This nutrient fruit rich in antioxidants has always been highly valued because its juice, seeds and oil are very usefull.

*This fruit belongs to the group of  medicinal fruits and has a very positive effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and skeletal system.

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