Sage tea for better digestion

For better digestion 

sage tea

*40 g. sage

*40 g. marshmallow leaf

*10 g. chamomile

*10 g. balm

*Three tablespoons of this mixture, Pour half a liter of cold water.

*Once the mixture stand for three hours in a container closed with a lid, we put them in the pot and boil on low heat for 5 minutes.

*Then remove the container with the mixture from the fire, strain and drink 200 ml. before meals, three times a day.


10 interesting features of the sage


* Sage (Salvia officinalis) is aromatic and healing herb and one of the oldest medicines. It is a Southern Europe native and it is cultivated usually in gardens. Sage is 30-70 cm tall with lavender flowers most common. This herb is described by the doctors in ancient times and its healing characteristics are much believed today too.


* Only the leaves are the ones to have healing characteristics rich with carbohydrates, cellulose, tannin and proteins. Apart from these organic joints they contain a lot of iron and calcium as well, and they are rich with vitamin A, too. The most important healing ingredient of this herb is its essential oil.

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Nettle – medicine brought by nature

Nettle – medicine brought by nature

* Frightened for our health, sometimes we forget all the medicine nature has given us for our good health. They are free and we can find them anywhere, but we let the contemporary, dynamic way of life to part us from nature and when we aren’t in cohesion with it, we feel ill.
nettles* Only when symptoms of an illness appear we become aware that we have alienated nature and that we don’t live in harmony with it and its laws. We’ve stopped observing and enjoying its benefits. We’ve stopped exploring and getting to know it, simply we’ve forgotten its friendship towards us – nature is always friendly and prepared for keeping us company and giving us help.

* Herbs are gifts of nature which have healing powers. One of these plants is the nettle. We are not even aware of its curative benefits, but it is never too late to remember if we have already forgotten about it.

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