5 spices with antioxidant power (part 1)

5       spices with antioxidant power  (part 1)

*In the past, spices were the privilege of the rich. They paid with silk and gold for these aromatic herbs.

5 spices

*Over time, these herbs became available to everyone, thus some of them became the trademark of national cuisines. Spices began to make national and regional cuisines recognizable.

*Many of the spices contain high level of antioxidants which help neutralize the bad effects from free radicals.

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15 reasons why you should use ginger

15 reasons why you should use ginger

1. Abates stomach problems presumption, stomach inconveniences and pomposity.

2. Reduces throat pain – the use of ginger stimulates mucus secretion and in that way alleviates cough and throat pain.


3. Prevents colds and influenza and it is used as prevention because it has antibacterial, antifungal and antitoxic characteristics.

4. Prevents from ulcer – due to the fact that it stimulates mucus secretion, ginger use prevents from ulcer i.e. prevents damage of mucous membrane.

5. Decreases cholesterol level in blood.

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