Cauliflower mashed with millet – meal that reduces the risk of many disease

Cauliflower mashed with millet

Cauliflower mashed with millet

Ingredients for 4 people


2 onion heads

cauliflower flowers to cover onions

½ cup of millet

1 tablespoon tahini

4 pinches of sea salt

250-500 ml . soy yogurt

water to cover the ingredients

Cauliflower mashed with millet




* Clean and chop the onion into cubes and place them in a pot as a first layer .

* Place the cauliflower onion flowers as a second layer .

* Clean and wash the millet and place it as the third layer of the cauliflower .

* Put as much water as it is necessary to cover the ingredients . Let  it boil on low heat for 30 minutes .

* 10 minutes before it is done add 4 pinches of salt.

* Add 1 tablespoon tahini and 250-500 ml . soy yogurt .

* You can add a little turmeric , and 2 cloves of garlic but it is not necessarily .

*  At the end smash all the ingredients and make a mashed

Cauliflower mashed with millet

* This mashed cauliflower with millet can be combined with many other dishes and serve as garnish .

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