Celery salad with peas to prevent osteoporosis

Celery salad with peas

Celery salad with peas

Ingredients for two

1 celery root

200 gr . peas

1 purple onion head

4 tablespoons celery cream

1 pinch of sea salt

½ lemon ( juice of half a lemon )

Celery salad with peas


* Boil the peas and pour the water. Put the peas in a strainer  to drain .

* Clean the celery root , ( or cut it  into thin rounds ) and put it on steam to soften for 3 minutes . Then cut the celery root  into cubes .

* Clean the onions and cut into cubes or crescents.

* Place the peas in a bowl , add the celery cubes  the onion crescents , a pinch of salt , juice of half a lemon , four tablespoons of cream of celery and mix all ingredients .

Celery salad with peas

Quick and easy to prepare.

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