Cocoa beans – food with aphrodisiac effects

Raw cocoa beans

cocoa beans

1. Raw cocoa beans do not contain sugar, and are rich in proteins, fat, fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins from the group B, C, E, as well as other ingredients.

2. The high level of magnesium in the beans strengthens the heart muscle, reduces coagulation, regulates blood pressure and significantly reduces the risk of blood clots.

3. Cocoa beans reduce the symptoms of softening of veins and arteries.

4. The magnesium that is contained in the cocoa beans can increase the alkalinity of our body, and thus, significantly helps with its detoxification.

cocoa beans

5. Cocoa beans have a positive effect on the brain because they nurture it with more serotonin and help the circulation of other neuro – transmitters.

6. Cocoa beans have similar effect as the antidepressants, they improve the mood and the daily activities.

7. Cocoa beans have an aphrodisiac effect and deepen the feeling of happiness

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