Corn meal with vegetables: a rich source of dietary fiber, iron and phosphorus

Corn meal with vegetables: a rich source of dietary fiber, iron and phosphorus

Corn meal with vegetables



Cooked polenta

1 green pepper

sunflower seeds


1 zucchini

1 tomato

1 teaspoon salt

100ml. homemade sauce

of crushed tomatoes, onions and  green peppers




*Cook polenta as much as you plan to eat. While it is cool prepare sunflower seeds.

* Put sunflower seeds in a hot pot to bake 5 minutes and stir continuously so you do not burn them.

Sunflower seeds









* Let it cool, then place them in the suribachi and crush them.

Sesame in a suribashi









* Put 1 teaspoon salt in  the hot pot, bake it and place it in the suribachi.










* Than put the sesame seeds in  the hot pot and bake 5 minutes with continuous stirring.










* Let it cool, then pour it into suribachi where you put salt and crush them to merge with the salt.

Sesame in a suribashi









* Once done, pour the  sesame salt on the  crushed sunflower and mix them.

Sesame on the sunflower seeds









* Make the forms of boiled corn meal of your choice and place them in a bowl with  mixed sesame salt and sunflower seeds.

Corn meal in a seeds









* Put  them in the pot to bake them on a low heat, then

Frying the corn meal









put it back into the bowl with the  crushed sesame salt  and  sunflower seeds.

Frying corn meal, again in a seeds









* Cut zucchini and fry it slightly to soften.

Frying zucchini in a pot









* Cut the pepper and fry it slightly to soften and put homemade  sauce on it, (made of ground tomato, onion and green pepper).

Homemade sauce









* Serve all this  adding  slices of tomato and half a fresh cucumber.

Polenta with vegetables

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