Crescents of onions with Oyster mushrooms

Crescents of onions with Oyster mushrooms

for 4 persons

.Crescents of onion  with Oyster mushrooms


3 heads onions

400 gr. mushrooms

50-100 ml. water

2 tablespoons cold pressed oil

pinch homemade spice or sea salt


wheat with brown rice,

Wheat with brown rice








shoju sauce

 Breaded celery root

3 rounds breaded celery

1 carrot steam

1 small cauliflower flower




* Cut onion into crescents and place in pot with 50-100 ml. water.

1.Crescents of onion







* Gently separate piece by piece from each Oyster mushroom and put them in the pot with the onion .Leave it to cook 30 minutes.

2.Gentle separation of the Oyster on a thin peices







* 10 minutes before it’s done, put 1 pinch homemade spice or sea salt and add 2 tablespoons cold pressed oil.

4.Homemade spice in a mushrooms







* Put  on steam cooking grid circles of  cut root of celery, 1 carrot and 1 small cauliflower flower.

Celery on a steam







* Close the pot and leave the vegetables to soften while mushrooms be ready.

Onion crescents with Oyster mushrooms

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