Curative juice for dissolving gallstones

Curative juice of pears and pineapple 

to calm the inflammation of the gall bladder and dissolving gallstones

Pears and pineapple juice




3 pears  and


3 circles of pineapple




* Wash and clean the pears.


* Cut the pears into pieces.


* Clean the pineapple, cut into circles, and then cut the pineapple circles into smaller pieces.


* Put the pieces of pears and pineapple in a juicer.

Pears and pineapple juice

* If you drink this juice for inflammation of the bile or dissolving gallstones, drink it 2-3 times a day for 4-6 weeks.

Juice made of pears and pineapple

* The juice therapy has no side effects, so it can be extended.

Curative juice of pears and pineapple

* You can use this curative cocktail of pears and pineapple as a refreshing drink during the summer days, diluted with equal parts of water and a little ice.

Healing juice of pears and pineapple

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