Daikon sandwiches with rukola

 Daikon sandwiches  with rukola

Daikon sandwiches with rukola

Ingredients for 2  sandwiches

4 ellipses of daikon

½ beetroot

½ bouquet rukola

1 head onion

Miso paste

Gomasio-sesame salt


* Cut the daikon to ellipses. Place the beetroot and ellipses of daikon in a pot to cook on steam to soften 10 minutes.

Daikon and beetroot cooked  on a steam









* Put the soften daikon in hot oil for few minutes.

Frying daikon









*Put the rukola in  a hot oil to soften, for a 3-5 minutes.

Frying rukola









* Cut onion into circles and place them in hot oil to soften.

Frying onion









* Make a salad from the soften beetroot.

* Put a ½ teaspoon miso paste on the ellipse of the fried daikon.










* Put a few onion rings on the paste.










* Put some soften rukola on the onion rings.

Putting Fryed rukola on the onion









* Close the sandwich with another fried ellipse. Repeat the same procedure for the second sandwich.

Close the sandwich









* Salt the sandwiches with gomasio (sesame salt).

* As a garnish in the bowl you can add what remains of fried rukola, onions and the refreshing salad of  beetroot.

Delicious daikon sandwiches with rukola

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