Delicious Parsley soup recipe – natural diuretic and rich in vitamins A, B ,C

Parsley soup recipe

Parsley soup

Ingredients for 4 people

1 bunch of parsley

5-6 rounds of celery root

3 tablespoons unrefined sunflower oil

3 pinches of  sea or Himalayan salt

½ lemon – lemon juice (not necessarily )

1 clove of garlic (not necessarily )

600 ml . water

Parsley soup


* Wash the parsley and leave in the bowl with water in which you put 1 tablespoon baking soda for 5-7 minutes (This procedure is for protection from parasites)

* Clean a celery root and cut  5-6 circles of it . Then cut the celery root into strips , and the strips into cubes . Place the cubes in water and boil them for 3 minutes .

* Dissolve 1 tablespoon rice flour  into 100-150 ml . of water.

* Put 3 tablespoons unrefined sunflower oil in a pot to heat over low heat and add the dissolved  rice flour . Stir constantly so as not to make the balls . Gradually add water , add salt , add the celery cubes and allow to boil for 2-3 minutes .

Parsley soup

*Finally add the parsley and turn off the fire .

*** The regular use of parsley can help you to control your blood pressure if you have any problems with it. Parsley contains folic acid which is like a tonic for your heart.


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