Fig smoothie – stimulates the brain work and improves concentration

Fig  smoothie recipe

Figs smoothie


3-5 figs (dried or fresh)

2 kiwi

50-100 ml. water

Figs smoothie



* Wash and clean the figs and kiwi. Place them in a blender.

* Add 50-100 ml. water  and blend until you get smoothie.

7 facts about why the fig is called a “holy fruit”

1. Fig, stimulates the work of  intestinal.

2. Regulates cell metabolism because of the rich content of potassium.

3. Stimulates the brain work  and improves concentration.

4. The  antioxidant effect of vitamins strengthens the immune system.

5. The presence of polyphenol prevents cancer.

6. Helps with inflammation of upper respiratory tract.

7. Presence of magnesium, potassium, glucose, and tryptophan improves your mood.

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