Gomasio – sesame salt

Gomasio – sesame salt

Used as a spice on cereals. Energy is adaptable to any power.

sesame seedSea salt – 1 teaspoon

Sesame – 15-16 teaspoons

* Sesame washed into water putting a handful of sea iodized salt. Procedures through a strainer and rub two or three times, quickly do not sesame become salty.

* Toasting per 2 cups sesame

Toasting of sesame begins when the bottom of the pan will heat up to the point when we will sprinkle the bottom of the pot or pan with water and when the water takes the form of pearls.. It is a sign that the pan is well heated and put sesame seeds in it. First we put the amount of 1 cup sesame seeds, and after toasting, sesame should be put in a metal plate. We will know that grain is toasting when the grain will not stick spoon. Grains should be increased, swollen and eventually when you grasp the grain between fingers burn. Grains should not burn because gomasio will have burnt taste.
sesame into suribachiSalt is toasting while the pan heated up. A flat teaspoon of salt is put into the pot standing on the ring off by the fire. Leaves just little to dry.

First, we put salt into suribachi and rubs right and left.

The suribachi stick leaning in the stomach presses should not slow, every grain of salt should unite released by sesame oil and mix once clockwise, and the second time around.

Gomasio is over when 80% of the grains are ground, and 20% should remain goals.
sesame 2

Can be used so add salt 1 teaspoon of gomasio the over rice or maybe 3 teaspoons  to be used during the day.

1 teaspoon gomasio with hot tea bancha is good against migraine and menstrual pain.

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