Green Magma – a natural elixir of sheets young barley

Green Magma – a natural elixir of sheets young barley

* Green magma is a natural dietary supplement whose main ingredient are the young leaves of barley.

* Young barley is grown without the use of pesticides nor fertilizers, under strict environmental conditions.

* Japan and the U.S. part of California are the environmental seats where leaves of young barley are grown and harvested, particularly, leaves of green magma.

* Japanese doctor, dr Yoshihide Hagiwara, after years of extensive research discovered the benefits of young barley leaves. Forty years ago, he introduced the world with the special properties of this healing herb using specific technological methods of production.

Richest source of chlorophyll

* Due to the large number of nutrients, today, this product is one of the top selling dietary supplements.

* Active enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins C, E, almost all the B-complex, nineteen amino acids and chlorophyll, make the green magma invaluable.

Green magma

* This most nutritious green dietary supplement is considered to be the greatest natural source of chlorophyll, which not only gives a nice green colour, but also it has a beneficial effect on the digestive composition.

* The chlorophyll has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, it refreshes the body and purifies it of toxins. It has the ability to bind heavy metals which can accumulate in the liver, and remove them from the body.

 Strengthens the body

* Green magma, because of the numerous beneficial effects on human health is listed as superfood – healthy food which has a soothing effect on the strength and resistance of the organism.

* The living enzymes, which are contained in the young leaves of barley, are usually missing in the daily diet, and are very important in the process of digestion.

* In spite of the strenghtening of the immunity and the possitive effect it has on it, green  magma actively helps in the fight against milder and more severe allergies, various problems with blood, rheumatic disorders and inflammatory processes in the body.

Healthy body

* Green Magma has alkaline properties which neutralize acidity in the body, that occurs as a consequence of unbalanced food and stress. Green magma improves the quality of hair and nails and visibly beautifies the skin.

* Smokers and people who live in polluted environments should use green magma for detoxification.

* Athletes use it because it helps them achieve better results and allows them to faster recover from the hard workout.

 Improves concentration

* Green magma with its energetic effect is a successful replacement for caffeine and theine.

* Since it wakes you up,reduces fatigue and inproves concentration and memory, it can be drank instead of coffee,especially because it will also revitalize your body.

*Powder of magma,mixed with,for example, oat milk, becomes beautiful beverage, similar to cappucino.

Green magma capuccino

* Green magma is useful during the implementation of the diet, because it speeds up the metabolism and replenishes the lost energy.

* Can be mixed with mint tea (mint) and so it becomes a refreshing beverage.

* You may add a teaspoon of green magma into frappe made from different fruits, almond, rice or any other herbal milk which you can sweeten by your own desire.

* Use of a small amount of this miracle powder will make a healing energy drink out of this tasty beverage.

 Green magma helps in:

* Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

* High cholesterol

* Diabetes

* Diseases of the stomach and the digestive system

* Problems with the liver and the pancreas

* Degenerative disorders

* Eczema and dermatitis

* Weakened immunity

* Unpleasant breath

* Chronic fatigue

* Arthritis and Rheumatism

* Allergies

Use and Dosage:

* Green magma is available in the form of powder and tablets, and its rich properties

allow its use among all the people regardless of gender and age. It can be used by children too.

* To achieve top results, green magma should be used continuously for at least three months, twice a day.

Green magma powder

* Dissolve one tablespoon of powder of green magma into a smaller cup of cold water, mild lemon or apple juice, and drink it half an hour before meals.

* Despite the powder, you can use tablets of green magma, which should also be consumed twice a day with a cold water or juice.

* Do not drink green magma with warm or hot beverages because the heat neutralizes the active enzymes. Green magma can be used throughout the year, the winter months, especially  during the winter.

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