Healthy beetroot soup: improves memory and prevents skin ageing

Beetroot soup recipe

Healthy beetroot soup


(for 4 persons)

2 beetsIngredients

1 onion

1 zucchini

4  celery stalks

1 teaspoon sea salt

½ bunch parsley

1 tea spoon curry powder

1 tea spoon of ginger powder

700 ml.water


* Cut the onion in large pieces and put them into the pot.








* Cut stalks of celery in a large pieces and put them into the same pot.

Stalks of celery root







* Cut the zucchini in large pieces and add them to the pot.








* Add water  in a pot to cook the vegetables and cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.

* Allow to cool.

* Pour the boiled vegetables in a blender to get creamy soup.

* Pour the blended vegetables in the pot.

Blend ingredients in a pot







* Add 1 teaspoon of salt.








* Add 1 teaspoon curry powder.








* Add 1 teaspoon of ginger powder.

Ginger powder







* Add finely chopped parsley.

*Allow to boil a few seconds and immediately remove it from fire.








* Mix the soup and think about which are your favorite supplements that you want to add.

Healthy beetroot soup


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