Healthy stuffed peaches – a light dessert easy to prepare

Stuffed peaches recipe

Healthy stuffed peaches


2 peaches

4 tablespoons boiled quinoa

1 chopped apricot

1 chopped plum

1 tablespoon chopped raisins

2 teaspoon barley malt

Healthy stuffed peaches


* Put 4 tablespoons boiled quinoa  in a bowl.

* Chop an apricot and a plum into cubes and add them to the pot with  quinoa.

* Wash the raisins, chop them and add them in a bowl.

* Mix all ingredients.

* Wash two peaches and divide them in half. Remove the seed, make a larger hole where the seed was and fill it with the prepared filling.

* Put 2-3 tea spoons of water in a cup and add 2 teaspoon barley malt. Stir the barley malt with water and pour it into a bowl where you plan to put stuffed peaches.

Healthy stuffed peaches

Enjoy the taste :)

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