Healthy sweet rolls

Healthy sweet  rolls

Healthy sweet rolls


* Quantity of all ingredients should be the same

200 gr. crushed hazelnuts

200 gr. chopped dates

200 gr. raisins

200 gr. whole wheat flour

200 gr. oat flakes

2-3 grated apples

a pinch of sea salt

 Healthy sweet rolls


* Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix them.

* Add a pinch of salt and knead by hand.

* If the mixture is very dry, add one or two  grated apple.

* Place the mixture in a pan to bake for 10-15 minutes of strong fire, and then another 15 minutes on low fire 150 Co  then remove it from the oven and while it is steel hot do roll.

Healthy sweet rolls

When the roll cooled, cut it into pieces.

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