Ideal food for slender figure



*Mandarin is a winter seasonal fruit with strong and sweet smell and sour and sweet taste.

*This fruit has a thin crust which is easy to peel, and on the inside it is divided into pieces. You can eat it fresh or juice can be made of it.

*Its season is from November until April, depending on the location and the type of agriculture.

*It grows in North Africa, along the Mediterranean, China, Japan, Brazil and America.

*It originates from South Asia, and got its name from the bright orange color of the mandarins – ancient Chinese public officials, because it was available only to the privileged class.

*Although China has grown mandarins over 3000 years, yet in Europe and North America arrived in 19th century.

Ideal food for slender figure


*The hairy white tissue which is found between the pieces of mandarin is called lamella. It is a membrane rich in soluble fiber.

*The content of the fiber in one mandarin is eight percent of the daily recommended value.

*The biggest advantage of a diet rich in soluble fiber is that it reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood.

*Fibers are useful for regulating the digestive system, because they facilitate the elimination of the waste from the body. Fibers fill the stomach and so they prevent the feeling of hunger which often occurs soon after a meal poor in fiber.

*Mandarin contains 85% water which the organism uses to clean out the toxins, and to stimulate the metabolism.

*Despite all these benefits, one mandarin contains only 64 calories and 0, 4 grams of fat, which makes this fruit the perfect food for losing weight.

Composition and medicinal properties of mandarin


One mandarin with 110 grams of weight contains 32 milligrams vitamin C, which is half of the recommended daily amount.

Vitamin C plays a significant role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in our body.

Collagen and elastin are proteins which form our skin, the muscles and all the other binding tissues.

This vitamin is a strong antioxidant and helps the body get rid of the free radicals which jeopardize healthy cells.

Enhances wound healing and contributes to preventing the neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, colds and fly.


Studies have shown that the increased intake of vitamin C reduces the possibility of the occurrence of several types of cancer.

Mandarins are rich in vitamin A and folic acid.

They also contain minerals, such as: potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and iron.

Benefits of mandarin

  1. Prevents many types of cancer
  2. Enhances wound healing
  3. Strengthens the immunity
  4. Prevents degenerative diseases
  5. Helps in prevent arthritis
  6. Slows metabolism
  7. Prevents skin aging
  8. Reduces the appetite
  9. Helps in preserving vision

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