Juice which prevent rheumatism

Juice which prevent rheumatism

 Juice against rheumatism



4 carrots

1 small red beets

2 celery branches

1 bunch watercress

6 Swiss chard leaves

1 cucumber




* Clean and wash the carrots.

* Clean and wash the beets.

* Wash the cucumber.

* Wash the celery branches.

Juice against rheumatism

* Wash the watercress, leave it in the water where you add 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate then wait 5-10 minutes and  wash them.

* Wash the Swiss chard leaves. Let them stand in the water in which you have added 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate, wait 5-10 minutes and after that  wash them.

Put all ingredients in the juicer to make the juice .

Juice against rheumatism

Drink the juice  4 or 6 weeks every day. If necessary extend the  juice therapy until you achieve the desired result.

You can drink this juice as a refreshing and healthy drink.

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