Leek pie

Leek pie

Leek pie



*500 gr. thin layers

*In 300 ml. water dissolve two packets of baking powder

*In another bowl, placed 200 ml. oil

*3 strand hauling leek

*Bet pan with baking paper or grease with oil


1. Cut the leeks like cubes and put them into a plate (you can put salt and spices), but it is not necessarily.

2. Put one crust  in the pan and  spray  it  with oil and water which is already  mixed with baking powder.

3. On the speckled crust put  another crust and spray water  with oil and baking powder  that is already mixed.

4. The third time,  put another crust on the second sprayed crust and spray water with oil and baking powder already mixed.

5. After all this , put chopped leeks on the third crust and covered entire crust with leeks.

6. Then ,continue with the same procedure of stacking and spraying crusts with oil and water mixed with baking powder, and every third layer put ready-chopped leeks until all crusts spend.

7. Once you finish, cut the pie  into pieces in the pan and put it  in the oven to bake 20-25 minutes at a temperature of  180oC.


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