Liver Cleansing Juice

Liver cleansing juice recipe

 Liver Cleansing Juice


3 beets

2 green apples

1 zucchini

100 gr. carrots

2 kiwi

3 figs (if not fresh then use dried figs which previously put in water to soften)

Liver Cleansing Juice


* Wash and clean the vegetables and apples and put them in a juicer to get the juice.

* Put the resulting juice in a glass ,bottle or jar.

* Clean 2 kiwi fruit, cut them into pieces, put them in a blender and add 3 figs.

* Blend for 2-3 minutes, and mix the resulting mixture with the juice that you  put in a bottle or jar with a plastic spoon.

Liver Cleansing Juice

Drink  this juice until you purify your body.

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