Maca – a plant from the Andes

Maca – natural adaptogen

* We live in a world where stress is one of the main reasons for bad health. Everyday stress fully exhausts the organism, causes hormonal disorder, reduces physical strength and mental abilities, causes mental disorder, depression, insomnia, weak immunity, heart arrhythmia, sexual dysfunction, premature aging, all the things that lead to various chronic diseases, infections and cancer. To be healthy today means to fight against stress effectively or to adapt to it.

maca root*Maca is a natural adaptogen, which provides better organism adaptation. As an adaptogen, maca increases body endurance and resistance of stress, difficulties, trauma and exhaustion. When maca is regularly consumed it improves body immunity and increases resistance of physical and mental disorders.

*It is named “smart plant” because it can help any organism as needed. If your organism produces a hormone less than needed, maca will help increase the production. Likewise, if your organism produces a hormone more than needed, maca will slow down its production. A maca root contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C, alkaloids, macro and micro nutriments, carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, fatty acids, fructose, starch, tannins, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, silicon and magnesium.

*Maca – root rich with calcium 

* Positively affects bones and teeth

* Increases energy

* keeps hormone balance

* reduces symptoms of menopause and PMS

* positively affects the sexual energy

* helps with insomnia and stress

* increases organism’s ability

* improves concentration and memory

* positively affects heart and blood veins

maca root powder

Maca root can be found in powder, pills or capsules. It’s not recommended for pregnant women or wet nurses.



Maca – a plant from the Andes

* For thousands of years maca root has been used for its nutritive and healing qualities. All of these benefits include this plant in the super food category.

maca  roots

*Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant native to the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia and it grows at altitudes of approximately 2400 to 4400 meters.According to the legend, Incas used to give maca root powder to their warriors, to increase their strength and endurance. After each battle they stopped giving the maca root powder as they became ambitiously virile from eating such quantities of maca – it increased their libido enormously.

* Its root is a source of energy and fertility for natives for centuries.

* Spanish people brought this plant in their country and in that way they presented it to the Europeans. A period of time it was intensively used on the Spanish royal court, but during the years the knowledge of the plant slowly disappeared.

* During the 60s of the twentieth century, Peruan, American and German explorers presented the maca plant again to the world. Today it is highly known that maca positively affects fatty acids, alcohol, tannins, sterols and glucosinolates which improve fertility and libido.

* Calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B12 as well as fatty acids benefit the nerve system, stimulate appetite and positively affect digestion.

* Sterols, calcium and vitamin C help to build muscles and increase physical endurance. That’s why maca is one of the food supplements used by a great number of athletes.

Maca contains four unique alkaloids – macaina 1, 2, 3, 4 – which haven’t been found in any other plant before. Maca alkaloids help the organism use all the nutriment needed.

Heightens libido and potency

* A number of analyses have shown that maca consumption has positive effects with men fertility problems.
* According to the analyses and studies made on the Peruan University Cayetano Heredia, it was confirmed that maca positively affect semen volume and quality.

* Maca is efficient with libido problems and erection dysfunction – that’s why it it’s called “a natural Viagra”.

* Maca affects muscle development and fat fusion.

 Maca helps in menopause and sterility

* Regular use of maca root powder is a big plus for women. Doctors say that maca helps in creating and maintaining hormone balance.

* The alternative medicine doctors recommend maca for hormonal disorder and fertility problems.

* Maca reduces menopause symptoms – changes in mood, heat waves, sleep disorder etc.


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