Macrobiotic-way of life in harmony with nature, not just in food

Macrobiotic is a way of life in harmony with nature, not just in food

Yin and Yang

To live in harmony with nature means:

1. To respect the seasons

*In autumn/winter we have to eat food that provides heat, more fat;

*In the summer/ spring period, we have to eat food which cools the body, summer liquids and fresh fruit, less fat and that way we adapt to nature.

2. To observe the day and the night

*Day is for working.







*Night is for resting.

After the sunset








* No eating after 19.00 pm, going to sleep before 10.00 pm.

3. To comply with sex

*Female nature was created by yin energy and is more yin. That nature should be cherished with little emphasis on the yin energy in the diet.

*Masculine nature is created by yang energy and is more yang. Male energy should be cherished with a slight emphasis on the yang energy in the diet.

4. To respect the age – from birth to death

*Body should be respected.

*The baby’s body is full of water. Their spirit is a Yang, and their body is Yin.

*The body of the elderly dries gradually as they get older. Their spirit is Yin but their body is Yang. Transformations of energy should be respected throughout life.

*To respect flora and fauna.

buterfly on flower








*When you cook beans, watch out so you don’t omit a single grain, because a whole class fruit would grow out of it.

5. To develop a sense of gratitude

*Lima Ohsawa cooked for a girl with intent to heal her. There was a progress the first few months, but after that the progress was gone. When Lima Ohsawa asked her husband why did it stop, he told her that the girl will never be healed, because of her arrogance.

*If we have not developed gratitude, we have not done anything.

6. To live in harmony with nature, the environment in which you live

* The best food is the one that grows successfully where we live, That is the only healthy food for us.Food from another regions has the less quality. Only seasonal food should be consumed and only throughout the season of that food.

*In winter we should not consume a lot of yin energy because during spring time that energy comes out in the form of allergies, flu viruses and other similar diseases. It is easy to insert yin energy through food, but it is very hard to take it out of the body. We are catching viruses and diseases because we have put in too much yin energy through food. If we eat more than we need to eat, if we eat food for two instead for one, we will fall ill.











7. The universe determines how much each of us should eat

*If you eat faster than you should the amount of food the universe has determined for you for the rest of your life, you shorten your life.

8. To eat healthy organic food

*We have to eat healthy organic food, and not to destroy what is not ours. It takes ten years to decontaminate the soil. Agriculture should develop naturally. The soil should not even be dug, the seeds should be scattered in the grass and left to grow naturally.

Holistic approach

* The first 6 months are the most important to withstand change.

* Then you need to endure a strict medical macrobiotics for a full year.

* After that, seven years of standard macrobiotics.

* And not until 14 years have passed can you name yourself a healthy person.



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