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Healing umeboshi plum

* Umeboshi  plum is a very healthful dietary supplement. Most popular in Japan. It is a plum that has fermented with salt and shiso spice, so it has a prominent salty and sour taste.

Umeboshi plum tree

* Umeboshi plum is rich in minerals and protein. Contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus-more than any other fruit.

*Contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin. Has antiseptic and antibiotic effect. Contains a large amount of citric acid, which is of a higher quality and a higher percentage of vitamin C from the citric acid which is found in the mere lemon.

*Citric acid cleans the liver from fat, contributes to a proper operation of the very same, and thus  detoxifies the body and cleanse it of artificial chemical substances.

*Natural enzymes that the plum contains regulate digestion and gastric work.

*Fermented umeboshi plum and fermented products of umeboshi plum change the pH value from acid to base, and thus contributes to a greater immunity of the body to flu an cold, and also has a healing influence on stomach problems and helps in difficulties while traveling.

* If we consume too much sugar, through juices, chocolates, sweets,  and similar, the acidity in the body increases. This situation encourages the development of bacteria, viruses and fungal infections.

Umeboshi plums

* Umeboshi plum easily restores the base condition in the body. If we consume too much sugar, umeboshi plum should be on our menu every single day.

Healing Properties of plum umeboshi:

* Purifies the blood and achieves ideal blood alkalinity;

* Detoxifies the body

* Regulates digestion and makes for proper working of the stomach

* Stimulates the work of the liver and kidneys and helps in their proper work.

* Slows the aging due to its great antioxidant effect

* Increases vitality of the organism

Method of preparation:


* Umeboshi plum is used as a salty spice when preparing dishes with cereals and legumes.

* It is also used for preparing stews and sauces.

* Seeds can be used as a spice in soups or in cooking vegetables.

* Umeboshi plum can be found on the market in the form of paste, or in the form of vinegar which is derived from the plum itself.

Sushi with umeboshi

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