Moderately reactive cookware – good choice

Moderately reactive cookware – good choice

* Reactivity is the tendency of the compounds to react chemically with other substances or with themselves, releasing energy.

* Food and cookware in which it is cooked or stored, react between themselves.

* Temperature also has an influence on reactivity. When hot, food reacts much faster than when cold.

* The combination of food is also important, as well as the additives in it.

* For example, rice belongs to the not so reactive, healthy food, but on the other hand, rice cooked with oil in which we have added vinegar or tomato, can easily take foreign ions. This is the reason why high quality oils, vinegar and other products alike, are sold in glass bottles, which are non – reactive.

*This does not mean that we should get rid of the plastics at any cost, it means that we should think about which food can be stored in plastic containers, which not, and under what conditions and circumstances.

Moderately reactive cookware is a good choice.

1. Stainless steel (Inox)

inox pot


Stainless steel is the least reactive metal. Cookware made of stainless steel is considered to be universal and healthy choice. Among the numerous offers of cookware made of stainless steel, the best are the pots with double bottom or cookware made of surgical steel.

We live in time where there is variety of offers from manufacturers of various types of cookware of stainless steel, including express pots, pots and pans.

If we want to consume healthy food, right after the cooking we should move the food from the pot to another container, in order not to get the taste of metal.

Inox multi pot

We need to handle steel containers very carefully. We must not scratch them with a spoon or wire, because then, the release of ions from the metal is felt more intensely.

It is best not to rub steel containers, and if the food burned, then, it is best to sprinkle it with baking soda and vinegar (apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar or alcohol vinegar) and let it stand in the pot for a few hours. Baking soda and vinegar will separate burnt food from the surface of the pot and the food will regain its former glow.

2.Carbon steel

Carbon steel is cheap and it is the ideal metal for wok pans and frying pans, because it is an excellent conductor of heat. In order not to rust, this type of cookware should be handled with care and should be well dried and kept in a dry place.

3.Cast iron

cast iron pot

Cookware made of cast iron is good for making pancakes, breads and for vegetable softening.

This type of cookware is not recommended for cooking soups, or any other liquid or acidic food, because that type of food reacts with the ions of the iron

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