Nettle – medicine brought by nature

Nettle – medicine brought by nature

* Frightened for our health, sometimes we forget all the medicine nature has given us for our good health. They are free and we can find them anywhere, but we let the contemporary, dynamic way of life to part us from nature and when we aren’t in cohesion with it, we feel ill.
nettles* Only when symptoms of an illness appear we become aware that we have alienated nature and that we don’t live in harmony with it and its laws. We’ve stopped observing and enjoying its benefits. We’ve stopped exploring and getting to know it, simply we’ve forgotten its friendship towards us – nature is always friendly and prepared for keeping us company and giving us help.

* Herbs are gifts of nature which have healing powers. One of these plants is the nettle. We are not even aware of its curative benefits, but it is never too late to remember if we have already forgotten about it.

nettle leaves* Nettle is one of the most used herbs. When people would realize how useful and healing this herb is, they would plant only nettle. All nettle parts – the stem, leaves, root and the bloom have healing qualities. The Swedish scientist Abbe Kuenzle confirms that had it not been for the nettle sting it would not have lasted through time. It would have been eaten by animals and insects.

* Nettle tea could be a short-term solution for the eczema and make headaches go away. The skin disorder eczema is an internal problem and should be treated with herbs which clean the blood. Nettle is the best one for blood cleaning and blood picture improvement. Positively affects the pancreas and reduces the presence of the blood sugar. Nettle heals the inflammation of the urinary system and stimulates the intestine work which makes it a consistent part of the organism’s spring cleaning.
nettle* In herb medicine, nettle tea is used for liver and bile diseases sleep trouble, spleen tumor, ulcers, lung problems etc. This tea should be consumed for four weeks. It shouldn’t be boiled because the process will lose all the healing ingredients. Preventively, we can drink one cup of tea a day during the year. Moreover this tea is efficient with viral and bacterial infections.

* If you have iron insufficiency in the organism and you feel tired and useless, nettle is the one that could help. Nettle contains a lot of iron and its use is especially useful for people suffering from anemia and after a while they feel full with energy again and they health is much better.

* Nettle tea is used also as natural laxative. In combination with other herbs, nettle could be used for other illnesses and diseases as well.

 Nettle tea

* Nettle tea is easily made. In a cup we put one coffee spoon with nettle (leaves and stems). Hot water is poured, and then we put a lid over the cup and leave it for 5 minutes. After that we remove the nettles and drink it with small sips.

* Nettle is used for hair wash as well. We put two hands full of fresh or dried nettle in a pot with 5 l. of water to boil and then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that we remove the nettles and when it’s cold we wash the hair with it.

nettles spoon* Nettle leaves and stems are also used for making bubble baths. This kind of bath is made very easily. One cup full of nettles we put in a large pot and pour water over it. We cover the pot with a lid and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes – then we remove the nettles and pour it in a tub filled with hot water. The water in the tub shouldn’t be very hot, though it should be pleasant for the skin. We enjoy the bath for 20 minutes. In the end we don’t take a shower, instead we rub gently using a towel. It’s recommended to stay in a warm room for an hour to have better effects.


* We can use nettle leaves, stems and roots to make a feet bubble bath. In a large pot filled with 5 l. of water we put a hand full of nettle roots and two hands full of nettle leaves and stems and leave it over night. In the morning we boil it for 10 minutes, leave it to cool down and then put our feet in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes. This bath can be used twice.

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