Preparing brown (integral) rice in pressure cooker

Preparing brown (integral) rice in pressure cooker

* For this type of meal we need quality rice – rice seeds need to be shiny and when we have them in our hands they mustn’t grind or leave white dust. There shouldn’t be any green seeds; it’s better to have red, i.e. brownish seeds. The best one is the brown rice and the most precise quantity is measured using a 200 gram cup of yoghurt.

organic brown rice

* In macrobiotics when we say 1 cup of coffee it means 200 gr. (cereals, flour, vegetables or dried fruit) or 200 ml. if we need liquid.

* We should have respect to every rice seed, we need to be careful not to lose one or to fall down  while preparation, because only one rice seed gives a whole spike of seeds which is enough to feed a grown man.

* First we clean the rice and put it into a deep bowl, then wash it with cold water using the hand smoothly passing through the rice seeds clockwise and vice versa without rubbing. Everything that gets to the surface is washed out and it’s not for use. After that, we put the rice into a pressure cooker using the ingredients in this order:

1 coffee cup of rice / 2 coffee cups of water / ¼ coffee spoon of salt.

In winter the ingredients can be in this order as well:

1 coffee cup of rice / 1 ½ coffee cups of water/ ¼ coffee spoon of salt.

brown rice

 * Rice is boiled into a pressure cooker under pressure, which is a pressured energy used for stimulating the lungs and the large intestine. First, we heat the water until it boils (there should be bubbles coming out on the surface) and then we put ¼ coffee spoon of salt in it (or we can also use the thumb and the forefinger to measure the salt). We can use both table salt and sea salt for this meal. Then we put the lid on the pan and we wait to make pressure until we hear the pressure indicator pin – that is the signal to reduce the heat to minimum and from that moment we start measuring the time 45 to 50 minutes. We should know that rice under pressure needs this estimated time to gain energy. Everything is focused on energy. Everything is energy.

brown rice 1 coffee cup of rice is enough for a grown man to be satiated for whole day.

We do not throw away the leftovers from the previous day – instead we can add some water and make rice stew.

* In summer, we keep cereals in the fridge.


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