Procedure for the preparation of kombucha beverage

Procedure for the preparation of kombucha beverage

*We need green tea, black tea or other herbal tea. Add two teaspoons of tea on one liter freshly boiled water.

kombucha tea

*Add 70 or 100 gr. white or brown sugar on one liter hot tea. The fungus can not survive without sugar.

*Cool the tea to reach the temperature of 20degrees Celsius – 25 degrees Celsius, because the fungus may die at high temperatures.

*Once the tea cools, put it in a any kind of glass, ceramic, wooden or clay bowl. It is important that the pot is not metal, polyvinyl chloride or polystyrene.

*Put the kombucha in the liquid.

*If you are preparing the kombucha beverage for the first time, put in the tea the liquid that you got with the crop.


*For all the following preparations save a little of the kombucha beverage to put 10 percent of its amount in the new preparation as an “initial fluid”.

*Cover the bowl with a light fabric and tie it with a clamp so that flies would not enter.

*Fermentation should last from 8 – 12 hours, depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the fermentation.

*Kombucha crop should be put in a warm and peaceful place and should never be moved.

*Tea temperature should not fall below 20 degrees Celsius, nor should it rise above 30 degrees Celsius. The optimal temperature is between 23 degrees Celsius – 27 degrees Celsius.


*The crop also grows in a half-shadow and in dark. It can be damaged if exposed to strong sunlight.

*At the beginning of fermentation the beverage is sweet and gradually becomes more sour. If you want the beverage sweeter, stop the procedure earlier.

*The taste of the finished beverage is between a soda and a champagne, depending on the type of tea used.

*When tea achieves the desired proper degree of acidity (PH from 2,7 – 3,2) take out the kombucha out of the bowl with clean hands and wash it with cold water. Put new tea in the bowl and return the fungus back in it.

*Pour the fermented beverage into glass jars and bottles without draining it. Save 10 percent of it for preparation of new crop. Close well the jars and the bottles.

*To achieve complete satisfaction in the tea, leave it to mature for at least ten days after bottled.

*That kind of beverage can be left for months. Drink a deciliter three times a day, in the morning before you eat, after lunch, and before going to sleep.

kombucha tea

*When you start a new process of fermentation, do not forget to add new tea, at least 10 percent of the liquid of the already fermented beverage.

*With every fermentation kombucha creates a new layer on the surface of the liquid. You can either leave the layer, or remove it.

*With it, you get an additional crop which you can keep in a small amount of sweet tea in the fridge, just in case something happens with your already active crop.

Possible side effects of the kombucha beverage

*In the beginning of the use of kombucha beverage you may feel sick because of the process of detoxification.

*The reason for that is not the kombucha beverage, but the toxins which your body ejects. Therefore you should consume small amounts of kombucha beverage at the beginning.


*In case of any kinds of side effects, reduce the consumption of the beverage, and after symptoms have disappeared, increase the amount again.

*Strong side effects require further detoxification of the organism.


*You can get the fungus from a person who already has one.


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