Quinoa and Swiss chard

Quinoa and Swiss chard

Quinoa with Swiss chard


1 cup of quinoa

2-3 bunch of Swiss chard

3-4 carrots

3 heads onions

2 tablespoons cold pressed oil

3-4 cups water

1 pinch sea salt

1 pinch homemade spice

1 tablespoon tahini


* Cut the onion into crescents and place them in a pot.

Onion in a pot









* Put the grated carrot  over onions.

Grated carrots









* Add the washed quinoa on carrots.

A cup of quinoa









* Add water through the walls of the pot to cover all ingredients.

Water in a pot









* Cook 30 minutes over low heat, 15 minutes before the end, add a pinch of sea salt

A pinch of sea salt in a pot









and a pinch of homemade spice.

Homemade spice in a pot









* Add 1 tablespoon tahini,

A tablespoon of tahini









and stir the mixture.










* Put the Swiss chard on the mixture,

Swiss chard in a pot









and allow to cooked.

Quinoa with Swiss chard




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