Seitan in the sauce: the best source of protein from plant origin

Seitan in the sauce recipe



3 tablespoon of  cold pressed oil

3-4 cutlets from seitanIngredients

2 tablespoons flour

200 ml. tomato juice

1 bouquet parsley

7 cloves of  garlic

Soy sauce (not necessarily)




* Put cold pressed oil in a hot pot.

Oil in a pot









* Put flour on the seitan.

Seitan in a flour









* Put seitan in hot oil to  fry.

Seitan in a hot oil









* After being fried,add 200 ml. tomato juice in the same pot.

Tomato juice









* Add finely chopped 7 cloves of garlic.










* Add 1 bunch finely chopped parsley.










* Allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Seitan in  a pot









* At the end, you may add soy sauce and combine them with other foods, beans or rice salad as pictured.

Seitan in the sauce

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