Star fruit salad

Star fruit  salad

Star fruit salad


Ingredients for a man

1 star fruit (carambola)

3 rounds pineapple

1/2 mandarin

Star fruit  salad


* Cut the circles of pineapple into chunks and place them in a bowl.

* Peel the mandarin and divide it into pieces .Then add it in the bowl with the chunks of pineapple.

* Cut the star fruit (carambola) into stars and add them to the bowl with the other fruits.

Star fruit  salad

* Let the freshness of the salad  refresh your body.

9 Health benefits of Star fruit :
*Sources of vitamin A, C and B
*Lowering cholesterol level
*Rich in fiber to improve digestion
*Anti-microbial ingredients
*Treating cough
*Prevents respiratory infections
*Prevents viral infections
*Excellent detoxifier
*Prevents constipation

Enjoy this recipe with  music :)

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