Superfood for longevity

Maitake mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are very big and grow in the base of trees. They are being used over 3000 years in the traditional japanese and chinese cuisine and in the herbalism for health maintenance, youth preservation and longer life.

Maitake mushrooms

1.Maitake mushrooms are considered to be adaptogenic. Their use increases the resistance to stress and help the organism to adapt to the conditions of stress and also to normalize the  bodily functions when the body goes through changes.

2.Maitake are considered to be the most powerful immunity – stimulus than any other mushrooms.

3.The amino acid – ergotonein has strong antioxidant properties, and according to a research, all mushrooms contain it in large amounts, but the exotic mushrooms such as maitake, contain it in even lagrer ones. Ergotonein is an exceptional metabolite which keeps the cells in the organism and thus reduces the risk of developing of chronic diseases.

maitake mushrooms

4.Maitake contain vitamin B, D2 and niacin. Vitamin B helps decomposition of food to particles which can be used. Vitamin D2 helps the organism to absorb the calcium, which is of vital necessity for maintenance of strong and healthy bones.

5.The use of Maitake mushrooms in the diet is good for production of red blood cells.

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